About Me

I am 99.99% Indian with a pinch of something else.  What is that 0.01%?

Welcome to my little warehouse where I store all my doodles and my occasional thoughts about the world. I originally started it to chronicle my series of legal-themed doodles(hence the title!) but a few things changed in my life so it’s a hodge podge of all my creative efforts now.

I usually like drawing on post-its (Post-its are the perfect size for containing chaos!) but I’ll pretty much draw on anything I fancy. Almost all the art on this website has been done by me and if it hasn’t, I’ll leave a link so you can check it out too!

You can also check out my other projects
Dear Groupon Editors & 30 days of photographs.

If you’re still interested, you can also see me in tumblr.


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