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Cheques from Reality : Management

You better be one or the other

The more I’ve interacted with people in management and the “C-Suite”*, I’ve realised that the best leaders are simply people who are likeable and get things done.

However, in reality getting that combination is a pretty sweet spot.

For us rest mere mortals, it seems the the key is to be either be Competent OR Likeable.
If you’re competent, people may bitch at you but you’re seen to be getting things done.
If you are incompetent**, then ensure people like you so they let you get away with some things.

*because who doesn’t like corporate wanker jargon?
**incompetent, while I use it loosely, is not the same as negligence or laziness. Those are little difficult to cure.

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Best way to start 2014

“google? write your blog which you keep secretive from everyone (frowny face)shop online

look for hen party locations you’d might actually enjoy

write your essay
and if all else fails – work? (strongly discouraged)”

Solid advice from colleague in response to my horror that the end of the workday was still FIVE HOURS AWAY.
What a way to start 2014!

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