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You need to know this

I have neglected this space for so long that if this was actually physical, there would be a thick layer of grey dust coating any exposed surface and removing it is likely to make you sneeze in succession.

I will come back to clean this up but for now, it is of absolute importance that I record this in writing so that I never ever ever forget it in this lifetime

In this moment, I feel utterly and completely loved by the universe. And it feels so amazing to be secure in this knowledge that I am loved. I am not in love but I know that at any given moment in my life, I will never lack for love and warmth.

Even as I type it, I know it sounds like hippie tripe, especially when I’m not even bothering to provide context (The context is my whole life and frankly, you’re not mentally prepared for that many words when you decided to read this post)

However, someday, if you’re in right frame of mind, you may rediscover this knowledge in your own context. You may, as I did,  wish to read the chapter on “timetravel” in Amy Poehler’s marvellously wise and sincere book, Yes Please as this  knowledge warmed me when I encountered that chapter.

Speak soon!

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Kaamic – April edition!

April 2014

April 2014


April kaamic is up – check it out here!

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Who says primary school art is a waste of time?

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dark words

In my journey of discovering words and how it makes people feel, I stumbled across this post. It is a post that will tug at your heartstrings. If you are feeling kindly, you could term it bittersweet. But make no mistake, it is a sad post.

I have always wanted to discover someone who loved words the way I did. In my head, sharing the joy of reading that poetry aloud or getting excited and discussing a phrase in a book was as good as going on a date. To discover that someone and to have to lose them… well I’d disagree with Tennyson here, I’d rather not have loved at all.

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Tooting my own horn but I think I’m allowed to :)

“Moments” by Vasudha Srinivasan.

“Moments” by Vasudha Srinivasan

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