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Accidental Musings

J: Or you know where they say they “accidentally slept together”
Me: Yeah, I never got that accidental bit. How does that happen like, “Oops, I tripped and my pen-is slipped into you?”

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dark words

In my journey of discovering words and how it makes people feel, I stumbled across this post. It is a post that will tug at your heartstrings. If you are feeling kindly, you could term it bittersweet. But make no mistake, it is a sad post.

I have always wanted to discover someone who loved words the way I did. In my head, sharing the joy of reading that poetry aloud or getting excited and discussing a phrase in a book was as good as going on a date. To discover that someone and to have to lose them… well I’d disagree with Tennyson here, I’d rather not have loved at all.

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