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Accidental Musings

J: Or you know where they say they “accidentally slept together”
Me: Yeah, I never got that accidental bit. How does that happen like, “Oops, I tripped and my pen-is slipped into you?”

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The passing of time

Me: So [event] is happening the upcoming Tuesday
Gramps: Don’t tell me what day! Tell me what date
Me: huh, why?!
Gramps: Bah, days happen every week. Dates only happen every month.

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Neurosis engage

Recently,  someone used the phrase “neurosis engage!” to describe that moment when I cross over to the awkward zone of no return, where I am teetering on the edge of “KARAZY” to recover from having said something stupid or awkward and/or trying to rectify it. Needless to say, that’s always not pretty.

That inspired this little cartoon- don’t be surprised if you feel it reminds you of you ;)


Ps: it also reminds me of transformers or a power ranger. But what a sorry super power it would be

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Should you marry her?

A debatably wise man, who may have taken the form of my colleague, gave me some advice about getting into a relationship. While he may have been joking( but I think he was deathly serious)  his advice may just have some merit.


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Best way to start 2014

“google? write your blog which you keep secretive from everyone (frowny face)shop online

look for hen party locations you’d might actually enjoy

write your essay
and if all else fails – work? (strongly discouraged)”

Solid advice from colleague in response to my horror that the end of the workday was still FIVE HOURS AWAY.
What a way to start 2014!

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