The passing of time

Me: So [event] is happening the upcoming Tuesday
Gramps: Don’t tell me what day! Tell me what date
Me: huh, why?!
Gramps: Bah, days happen every week. Dates only happen every month.

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Tragic proof…


…that the pen is indeed mightier than the sword #jesuischarlie #restinpeace

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Conversations with Z

Z: So we went to another hotel instead. We entered our room and it was well, very compact.

Me: Did you really mean to say “WTH, IT’S SO DAMN small?

Z: I’ve calmed down since the holiday

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You’ve been noted.


Nothing like a sneaking into your ex work place on Saturday to leave hand drawn messages for your ex-colleagues so they’re all surprised on Monday (after they think you don’t love them!).

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Logic of the ex socialists

Because one tends to forget these things living the Singaporean life.


Here’s to the beginning of non-lawyering kickstarted by smartass eastern European friend may or may not bear a resemblence to my collegue. :)

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