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You need to know this

I have neglected this space for so long that if this was actually physical, there would be a thick layer of grey dust coating any exposed surface and removing it is likely to make you sneeze in succession.

I will come back to clean this up but for now, it is of absolute importance that I record this in writing so that I never ever ever forget it in this lifetime

In this moment, I feel utterly and completely loved by the universe. And it feels so amazing to be secure in this knowledge that I am loved. I am not in love but I know that at any given moment in my life, I will never lack for love and warmth.

Even as I type it, I know it sounds like hippie tripe, especially when I’m not even bothering to provide context (The context is my whole life and frankly, you’re not mentally prepared for that many words when you decided to read this post)

However, someday, if you’re in right frame of mind, you may rediscover this knowledge in your own context. You may, as I did,  wish to read the chapter on “timetravel” in Amy Poehler’s marvellously wise and sincere book, Yes Please as this  knowledge warmed me when I encountered that chapter.

Speak soon!

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Where have I been?


A month long hiatus is only acceptable if there were many things that had occupied me and indeed there were! In the past month, I went on my first ever Urban Sketchers walk, saw a good friend get wonderfully married, rolled out a couple of sketches, meeting lots of people and great opportunities to work on a wesbite, finally started a project I have been meaning to start by collaborating with an unexpected source so expect updates soon :)

For now, I leave you with this french artist with a crazy imagination who is responsible for that adorable drawing. See more of him here!

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Hey all

I’ve started a monthly column ” kaaamic!” with Little India Directory, the one stop info portal for all things fun and cool in Little Indias around the world.

Im really excited about this opportunity because I have been sketching alot more with my Note 8 and I hope to do a lot more tongue-in-cheek observations.

Check out my maiden Kaamic

While you are there,  I do hope you check out Little India Directory as well. Its a great resource and run by two awesome guys and I love the concept of linking Little Indias every where-because you are always going to need a taste of home where ever you are. D’aww

Its working!

So, it turns out my whole panic about my iPhone camera not working just required me to update my software.

Ummm. yeah. Procrastination may not always be well-rewarded. :D

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Paper so light

its all about cause and effect

This is one of my absolute favourite ideas of all time – more beloved because it was inspired by a client meeting I had sat in as a trainee pupil, which had a terribly long winded client who was never quite on point except when he said “They come in throw paper at me, then I suddenly kena! Where got fair! Paper so light but very dangerous!”

(For my non Singaporean friends, that roughly translates to ” I was served with papers and then suddenly, I’m in hot soup. How is this fair! Paper may be light but it is clearly dangerous”. It sounds awful but don’t most translations!)


In other news, I’m back home! It was an eventful month but more post-it drawings to accompany that!

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