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We are the generation that has been fed stories of your bravery and your fearlessness in leading Singapore forward when we were orphaned. We’ve been raised on that picture of you crying on 8 August 1965. In entrepreneur speak, you pivoted when the situation demanded it. You did not shirk from responsibility and in a region that was thrown asunder by corruption, politics and power, you made some hard decisions. If any of this was for personal glory, it was hidden very well indeed.

Two years since I wrote so passionately. Time to unearth that spark!

Bon anniversarie!


You’re So Wrong, Richard Feynman

“Philosophy of science is about as useful to scientists as ornithology is to birds”   This post is more thoughts on the minds of interesting folk who can think from a variety of perspectives, inspi…

Source: You’re So Wrong, Richard Feynman

Tragic proof…


…that the pen is indeed mightier than the sword #jesuischarlie #restinpeace

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Stranger’s Reunion



I was over at Stranger’s Reunion a couple of weeks ago. But I’m not here to talk about food or the coffee,  reviews of which are aplenty & a mere google search away. What really caught my fancy was their tagline, invitingly printed on their shop window. (See how it looks in real life)

Let’s make love, coffee and magic

What a lovely whimsy invitation to decadence! While it is a very much a magical & romantic sentiment,  I thought it was also a rather bold invite, almost daring in its tone. So here’s my take on this bold and lovely invite.

Ps: Please try to do three out of three on a regular basis if you can eh?

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Neurosis engage

Recently,  someone used the phrase “neurosis engage!” to describe that moment when I cross over to the awkward zone of no return, where I am teetering on the edge of “KARAZY” to recover from having said something stupid or awkward and/or trying to rectify it. Needless to say, that’s always not pretty.

That inspired this little cartoon- don’t be surprised if you feel it reminds you of you ;)


Ps: it also reminds me of transformers or a power ranger. But what a sorry super power it would be

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