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You need to know this

I have neglected this space for so long that if this was actually physical, there would be a thick layer of grey dust coating any exposed surface and removing it is likely to make you sneeze in succession.

I will come back to clean this up but for now, it is of absolute importance that I record this in writing so that I never ever ever forget it in this lifetime

In this moment, I feel utterly and completely loved by the universe. And it feels so amazing to be secure in this knowledge that I am loved. I am not in love but I know that at any given moment in my life, I will never lack for love and warmth.

Even as I type it, I know it sounds like hippie tripe, especially when I’m not even bothering to provide context (The context is my whole life and frankly, you’re not mentally prepared for that many words when you decided to read this post)

However, someday, if you’re in right frame of mind, you may rediscover this knowledge in your own context. You may, as I did,  wish to read the chapter on “timetravel” in Amy Poehler’s marvellously wise and sincere book, Yes Please as this  knowledge warmed me when I encountered that chapter.

Speak soon!

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The passing of time

Me: So [event] is happening the upcoming Tuesday
Gramps: Don’t tell me what day! Tell me what date
Me: huh, why?!
Gramps: Bah, days happen every week. Dates only happen every month.

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Conversations with Z

[In the middle of a work day]

Z : Wait, what is your favourite colour?

Me: Why? Are you getting me a birthday present?

Z: I’m getting you a balloon.

Me: Right. Do I have to blow it up myself?

Z : I will give you the instructions.

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Conversations with my mother

Also known as the influence of the mass media on lifestyle choices

[After dinner, parents are watching a tamil movie Endrendrum Punnagai]

Dad: You really should watch this movie, I have heard it is good. Come sit down, it just started.

[45 minutes of the movie pass which show the bromance of 3 friends, which mostly involves drinking every ten seconds and drunkenly carousing with women]

Mum [looking at Dad]:This is quite funny. Look at their antics!

[A scene ensues where the 3 friends, in a drunken moment, make a blood pact never to fall in love or get married because that is allegedly the worst state one can be in]

Mum [looking at Dad]: I can’t believe you said this was a good movie for our daughter to watch!! It is such a bad influence, what with this talk on not getting married.

Me: …

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Conversations with my father

I am lying in bed laid up with the flu, listening to music on my tablet. Dad walks in

Dad: Why must you listen to music like this?
Me: Helps me fall asleep..!
Dad: let me tell you a bedtime story instead. Recently, a boy In India was in bed listening to his phone. He fell asleep. There was a short circuit in the phone, his phone and then bed caught fire and he died. Good night

Thanks dad, always a source of comfort.

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