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Paper so light

its all about cause and effect

This is one of my absolute favourite ideas of all time – more beloved because it was inspired by a client meeting I had sat in as a trainee pupil, which had a terribly long winded client who was never quite on point except when he said “They come in throw paper at me, then I suddenly kena! Where got fair! Paper so light but very dangerous!”

(For my non Singaporean friends, that roughly translates to ” I was served with papers and then suddenly, I’m in hot soup. How is this fair! Paper may be light but it is clearly dangerous”. It sounds awful but don’t most translations!)


In other news, I’m back home! It was an eventful month but more post-it drawings to accompany that!

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Please go to the back of the queue

published in the Sept 2011 edition of the Law Gazette

credit to Rubin and Xin for inspiring the title. sometimes, stories are better told then drawn. but not by me. I am apparently a horrible story teller. I always beg to differ, but nobody’s around to listen. hmm

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Saving costs…?

One of my favourite doodles!

Published in the Aug 2011 edition of the Law Gazette

p-p-p-p-poker face

Now, I usually have to draw a few times before I get the right feel and finalise a drawing. Of course, this doesn’t happen with idle doodling and its something I’ve had to consciously work at. ( That’s the difference between idle doodling and drawing for an audience!) For example, I’ve uploaded an example of one of my earlier drafts. of course, its more tak glam la! I could never draw straight lines.

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