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Where have I been?


A month long hiatus is only acceptable if there were many things that had occupied me and indeed there were! In the past month, I went on my first ever Urban Sketchers walk, saw a good friend get wonderfully married, rolled out a couple of sketches, meeting lots of people and great opportunities to work on a wesbite, finally started a project I have been meaning to start by collaborating with an unexpected source so expect updates soon :)

For now, I leave you with this french artist with a crazy imagination who is responsible for that adorable drawing. See more of him here!

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Its working!

So, it turns out my whole panic about my iPhone camera not working just required me to update my software.

Ummm. yeah. Procrastination may not always be well-rewarded. :D

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Not that I imagine someone is DYING for an update but I seem to be stuck in a bit of a technological rut as my iPhone camera refuses to take any pictures (or even acknowledge the presence of any pictures) and well, my scanner has gone kaput ( the eerie blue light is present but it doesn’t capture anything)

Strangeness abounds so that should keep you tantalised till my next post-it.

Ye techno-gods!