Conversations with my mother

Also known as the influence of the mass media on lifestyle choices

[After dinner, parents are watching a tamil movie Endrendrum Punnagai]

Dad: You really should watch this movie, I have heard it is good. Come sit down, it just started.

[45 minutes of the movie pass which show the bromance of 3 friends, which mostly involves drinking every ten seconds and drunkenly carousing with women]

Mum [looking at Dad]:This is quite funny. Look at their antics!

[A scene ensues where the 3 friends, in a drunken moment, make a blood pact never to fall in love or get married because that is allegedly the worst state one can be in]

Mum [looking at Dad]: I can’t believe you said this was a good movie for our daughter to watch!! It is such a bad influence, what with this talk on not getting married.

Me: …

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