About hope


Sometime back, I was stopped in the street to take part in a short public film on what words meant to people. I was given the word ‘hope’ and about 10 seconds to come up with something. This is what I came up with because it really resonated with me about how we humans, get up every morning, expecting our lives to be exactly  the way we had left it the night before. And if that is not hope, I don’t know, what is.

A friend had seen this and said “…not waking up, expecting things to be better?”  and my reply was ” No, not even better. It is the fact that I expect almost everything in my life to remain unchanged when I get up” We complain of routine but sometimes, it is a blessing. To wake up and know that routine awaits you is a comfort because truly, we always think we are infalliable and that life is obligated to obey our structure. But what we truly know about life is that it is random.

( This style of art was largely inspired by Wendy Macnaughton and Lisa Congdon, artists I was introduced to by articles on Brain pickings on Susan Sontang & Anais Nin . The interweb is truly lovely!)

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