Sustain your flavour…FOREVER!

One teabag to rule them all!

Its a simple wish. One tea bag to rule them all.

So I don’t have to change my tea bag after just using it once/twice when I’m very busy with something or alternatively shortchange myself with ever-weakening tea.

I want to be the Lord of the teabag. Is that too much to ask? Not the servant of its whims and fancies of flavour release. NO!

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2 thoughts on “Sustain your flavour…FOREVER!

  1. deviousDiv says:

    Use Vitax teas- they are good for up to 5 cups. :)

  2. the indian ah lian says:

    Sometimes teabags which are good for many cups of tea tend to be very strong for the first cup so you can’t leave it stewing in the cup or the tea is very bitter.

    Its a complicated relationship with tea I share. I’m lazy. It’s lazy.

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