Personalise it!

Personal stationary for a personal friend!It was a friend’s birthday and she loves stationery so what better way to address the situation than by personalised stationary! I can’t think why personalised post-its never occurred to me prior to this but now that it has, its pretty much what my go-to present is going to be. Ok I lie, they aren’t really post-its as much as designed rectangles of paper which say “From the desk of ___” but it is the thought that counts right?! RIGHT?

How to make them? Very simple

1. Come up with a design. You could draw it on the PC but as I’m useless with a mouse so I usally draw them out, scan it and edit it accordingly.

2. Save it as a .png or .jpeg file and add it as a picture to a Word document. Size it as you will ( I found that about 8 designs to an A4 page gives it some room for writing) and save it.

3. Print on coloured paper according to how many pieces you wish to have.

4. Cut to size. As tedious as this may be, I would recommend doing it two or three pages at a time if you do not have a paper cutter. I found that it is easy for the papers to shift when cutting with a scissors and the notes do not come out uniformly.

5.  Gift it!

Really simple. Was an idiot to not have thought of it before

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