pucker up lemonita

eat some lemons

I’ve only met one person in my life so far who eats lemons.I don’t mean it as a “oh, I’d like a squeeze of lemon in my salad dressing” but more of a “Er, have you finished using that slice of lemon for your dressing because I’ll eat it.” She will ask for fresh lemon juice with no sugar and extra lemons. She will eat that lemon  like an orange. She is a lemon-ita*. She was probably the only baby who didn’t cry or even pucker her face when given a lemon slice to suck on ( Needless to say, her parents though that was a disappointing a waste of film).

So in honour of that friend, happy birthday!

 * Say it in a really really bad Mexican accent and it would be a great pun for lemon eater.

As an aside, who ever said MS Paint was dead? Sure, the thing has no concept of a curved line or of acute or obtuse angles or the ability to save anything in more than 24 colours. But it didn’t let me down when I had to create a sort of funny birthday card with no resources whatsoever.

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