Dreams are like reality but with cotton candy

So, it has been a very long time since I’ve occupied some creative cyber space and it seems like a good time to reclaim it back! Having been doing what I do, I’ve had an increasing urge to start doodling again and well, I’ve been quite lucky to get some of these doodles published for a short bit in the Singapore Law Gazette from August 2011 (e-gg-citing!!- say it with the jazz hands and the whole works).

But that has made me think that I should not be be limiting my creative horizons, so, I decided to start putting up all my creative doodlings, including the ones that get published and the ones that get rejected so that someday, when I’m not a lawyer, I’d reminisce fondly about the times I spent doodling during the long long client meetings.

Welcome to my perspective and I hope you enjoy yourself here.


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