Where have I been?


A month long hiatus is only acceptable if there were many things that had occupied me and indeed there were! In the past month, I went on my first ever Urban Sketchers walk, saw a good friend get wonderfully married, rolled out a couple of sketches, meeting lots of people and great opportunities to work on a wesbite, finally started a project I have been meaning to start by collaborating with an unexpected source so expect updates soon :)

For now, I leave you with this french artist with a crazy imagination who is responsible for that adorable drawing. See more of him here!

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Kaamic – May Edition


Every Indian movie is a finely tuned recipe…what are the hand picked ingredients you ask…find out more in May’s kaamic here!

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Presumptions, presumptions, presumptions

Meet Tomo.

Tomo caught me by surprise and put me in a good weekend mood last friday.

Ps: He can be found at the underpass connecting Boat quay to Clarke quay. Do say hello to him, when you can!

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Conversations with my mother

Also known as the influence of the mass media on lifestyle choices

[After dinner, parents are watching a tamil movie Endrendrum Punnagai]

Dad: You really should watch this movie, I have heard it is good. Come sit down, it just started.

[45 minutes of the movie pass which show the bromance of 3 friends, which mostly involves drinking every ten seconds and drunkenly carousing with women]

Mum [looking at Dad]:This is quite funny. Look at their antics!

[A scene ensues where the 3 friends, in a drunken moment, make a blood pact never to fall in love or get married because that is allegedly the worst state one can be in]

Mum [looking at Dad]: I can’t believe you said this was a good movie for our daughter to watch!! It is such a bad influence, what with this talk on not getting married.

Me: …

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Stranger’s Reunion



I was over at Stranger’s Reunion a couple of weeks ago. But I’m not here to talk about food or the coffee,  reviews of which are aplenty & a mere google search away. What really caught my fancy was their tagline, invitingly printed on their shop window. (See how it looks in real life)

Let’s make love, coffee and magic

What a lovely whimsy invitation to decadence! While it is a very much a magical & romantic sentiment,  I thought it was also a rather bold invite, almost daring in its tone. So here’s my take on this bold and lovely invite.

Ps: Please try to do three out of three on a regular basis if you can eh?

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